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Jinx: Uh, he’s murdered countless innocents Darcei. He’s clearly not someone you should go looking for…unless you have a death wish.

Kerry-Ann: Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend going after a psycho killer who thinks everyone is out to get him, just saying…

Darcei: Geniuses are just greatly misunderstood creatures. I’m sure I could appeal to him one way or another.

Kerry-Ann: It’s just an urban legend anyway. And even if he does exist, what makes you so sure he won’t just kill you on sight?

Kerry-Ann: …And how do you expect to find him when you don’t even know what he looks like? If you ask me, you’ve simply let you imagination run wild, as usual.

Darcei: Legends are based on some form of reality, my friend. Whether or not you believe in him is no concern of mine.

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Taking it down a notch…

Taking it down a notch… published on

Due to the extreme emotional toll it takes to draw all of these weird underworld monsters (I mean just look at these horrific things):

Carnikids will now only update every



March 10

(there won’t be an update this Friday).

Sorry for the slowdown, but a slower schedule is better than taking a long hiatus to catch up!

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