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Corby: Oh my gosh!!! I’m gonna be late!

Darcei: I said I am the Slayer you imbecile! And I’m here to destroy you! So prepare to be destroyed!

Corby: Who dat?

Darcei: The mighty Slayer who’s existence was foretold by the very band you worship!!

Corby: Hmmm…never heard of him. Cool costume though.

Well, I’m headed to the next RBZ concert. You can come with me if you want.

Darcei: But wait!! Aren’t you petrified with fear?!

Webcomic Transcript

Taking it down a notch…

Taking it down a notch… published on

Due to the extreme emotional toll it takes to draw all of these weird underworld monsters (I mean just look at these horrific things):

Carnikids will now only update every



March 10

(there won’t be an update this Friday).

Sorry for the slowdown, but a slower schedule is better than taking a long hiatus to catch up!

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