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What is this place?
Carnikids is a cartoon-comic about a traveling carnival/circus named Carl and Chip’s Carnival of Wonders. The owners, Carl and Chip, travel around the world with their several adopted children and band of entertainers. Although struggling, they manage to get by and keep everyone alive (or undead). As this huge family reaches for the top, they go through quite a few strange adventures, especially when plunging into the unnatural world of demons, zombies, and other monstrous creatures. After all, strange things can happen in a place that houses the Lord of the Underworld as a common sideshow attraction.

Webmistress & Graphic Designer: Heather Knudsen


Artist Bio:

So I was just going to put a picture of a potato to describe myself but APPARENTLY I have to prove I’m not a robot. Which might be difficult because I actually am a robot. Where are my robot rights?? Why can’t I have a website? I just feel like destroying humanity so much right now! Anyway, I guess I’m an artist or something because I do the thing with the paper and the pencils and such. My name is Brandi Knudsen, and I’m not really sure what I’m doing ever, but you guys get a comic out of it, sooooo… enjoy? Or suffer endlessly, I can’t control how you guys feel about it. My dream in life is to become a professional sleep-jockey, BUT I’ve been told that it’s “not a real career” so I guess I’ll just settle with art-ing until I’m needed.

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