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Darcei: Oh, so now you’re doubting my abilities too?! You’re just like the rest of them!

Darcei: Yooouuu’re riiiighht!!! Waaaahhhhhh!! My well planned plots have all been nothing but miserable failures! Just leave me to my sorrows!

Attendant: Shhhh! You’re gonna scare away all of my paying customers!

Darcei: Buhh – Buh – But I-I-I just want t-t-to prove my worth as an all powerful world dictator!!!

Attendant: Well, why don’t you just dress up as the Slayer to trick everyone? It is Halloween, after all. And hey, they might just believe it with a good enough costume.

Darcei: That would never work! Nothing I do ever works! If only I could be great and powerful like…like…like…Noel!!!

Darcei: Wait a minute…maybe, just maybe I could…yes…yes! Perhaps I could find a few mystical objects in Noel’s storage to assemble a foolproof disguise! There’s bound to be something that will work!

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