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As the first adopted child in Carl and Chip’s happy family, Corby has been around the longest, aside from Carl’s biological son, Darcei. Thus, he and Darcei share a lot of rivalry, and yet are also closer than any other two of their siblings. Corby is a very intelligent young child, and if it weren’t for his attention deficit disorder, he would easily be recognized for his genius by all those who encounter him. Instead, most others just see him as a hyperactive, mischievous, obnoxious, little dork. But, hey, at least he’s cute enough to get away with it, right?





Despite his wholesome upbringing by his loving father, Carl, Darcei is a troublemaking little punk who has a strange obsession with becoming world dictator. No one really knows how he developed an interest in politics, but it’s probably easy to blame the violence on all those blasted video-games and comic books! It would seem that instead of idolizing the hero, he found sympathy and admiration for the villains’ plight. He’s got some time before the opportunity for world domination arises, so his first objective is to dominate the carnival. Of course, with his limited resources as a child, it’ll prove difficult for him to do much of anything. Maybe he should just find a new aspiration.





Kerry-Ann is the type of kid who is beyond her years in maturity. She’s very organized and responsible, and loves nothing more than to help manage things around the Carnival. But don’t worry, along with this streak of maturity she has plenty of insanity to balance her out, especially when things don’t go her way. Just one hair out of place and it could be the end of the world in her book. Unfortunately for her, living with Darcei and Corby means anything that can go wrong absolutely will.





Despite his dreary appearance and attitude, Jinx has a great passion for comedy. Sadly, many of his efforts end badly as he tries to entertain kids who are even younger than him, and at that fantastic age where other people’s pain and suffering is hilarious. But at least he’s a great sport about it and doesn’t give up after being terrorized by toddlers on a daily basis. His light at the end of every week is comedy-night in the show tent, where he gets to practice his stand-up on the open stage. As comedians often do, he makes the crowd laugh by finding humor in worst things about life.





A bit of a tortured soul, B.C. is an undead skeleton who gets paid to be a sideshow attraction at the Carnival. Of course his existence is amazing enough, but he also detaches his own bones and does tricks with them. Unfortunately he has a hard time staying in one piece, and often finds himself collapsing into a pile of bones. On the bright side, his best friend, Tizane, is always looking out for him and doesn’t mind spending a couple hours rebuilding him every now and then.





Tizane was unofficially adopted by a traveling troupe of fortune tellers a couple years before finding her way to Carl and Chip’s Carnival of Wonders. Ophelia the “Hypnotist”, Govad the “Sorceror,” and B.C. found her hitchhiking all alone and took her in as a new addition to their little family. Now, her “family” has greatly expanded after Carl and Chip hired the troupe for their sideshow tent. While she doesn’t really like to talk about the past, the future is her forte (at least in theory). It’s not that her predictions are wrong, they’re just vague enough to leave nearly everything to the imagination.





As partners in business, and in life, these two have quite a handful to deal with. They travel around the world trying to keep their dream alive, all while raising a group of adopted and stray children (and adults). Sure, they may cut corners and do some shady business here and there, but all-in-all they are both very charming and wonderful people who have plenty of love to share with the world. Carl is more of the dreamer, who doesn’t always think things through, while Chip is more logical and careful. Together, they have a sort of harmony that brings everyone together in their great, big, happy family.

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